Leave VS Buying

The most common question that we receive from our customers is ‘What is the best option to finance a vehicle, should I buy or lease’? To make sure that our customers understand what the differences are about lease vs. buy. Our team is excited to work with you to help you find the best financing options for your budget, whether you buy or lease your next vehicle.

Buying a Car

If you like to keep vehicles as long as you can, buying is a great option. The payments when you buy a car are high, but every time that you make the payment, you are paying off the vehicle. There is also not mileage restrictions like leasing a car has. If you know that you are going to put a lot of miles on the vehicle, you may want to buy it.

The cost of insurance is also lower when you are buying a car because you will own the vehicle in the future. You also can sell the vehicle at any time, unlike where you have to pay a fee to break a lease early. You also do not need to worry about stains when you are buying a car. However, when you are leasing a car, you can be charged for any damage to the car.

Leasing a Car

If you like driving a new vehicle and are planning to trade in your vehicle for the newest model every few years, leasing a car is the excellent option for you.

Leasing a car will have lower payments than buying the same car. Many lease programs will need no money or very little money down. This makes leasing great, especially if you do not have the cash to make a down payment on a car.

Cars that are leased are typically under manufacturer’s warranty for the lease’s duration. These warranties are normally bumper-to-bumper and will cover any repairs that are needed.

Leasing a car is a great option if you want your car to have the latest technology. Since you are driving a vehicle that is only a couple years old, you can be assured that the model you are leasing will have the latest technologies built-in.

If you are worried about having buyer’s remorse, leasing a car allows you to try the car before you buy it. At the end of the lease, you have the option to lease a vehicle that better suits your needs or buy the car that you have been leasing.

No matter if you buy or lease your next vehicle, our team can help you find it. Our team can also answer any questions that you have about lease vs. buy options, and about our current stock of vehicles.